SAP Hybris的Master Tenant和Netweaver的System Client

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tenant信息在admin console里查看:

之后做BYD时,成都开发团队在dev系统上给客户做好addon,许多把package好的content(我我真是本来另4个多多 .zip文件)安里装 测试系统上. 安装流程本来首先登陆测试系统的client 000.

原则上system client不允许拿来做transaction防止,什么都有有才有了下面的check:

所有许多tenant(成为slave tenant)的technical setting,也本来JVM的setting都默认继承自master tenant:

Special client in AS ABAP with the client ID "000". The system client is where system-specific system programs run. When you log on to the system client of a multitenancy AS ABAP, you are not subject to the restrictions caused by tenant isolation. Furthermore, other clients have read-only access to data stored there under the client ID of the system client.

Client 000 is basically used as working client only when you do support pack upgrade or ABAP load generations (SGEN) and implementing additional languages, etc. Otherwise, client 000 should not be used as a working client.

许多和Netweaver一样,Hybris里每个tenant允许定义自己的locale和timezone, currency, date format设置。

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SAP help里的介绍:

根据help.hybris.com的介绍,每个Hybris server不都还可不可以 另4个多多 master tenant,该tenant自动创建且不都还可不可以 删除。